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  Financial Industrial Group "High-speed ships"

    Financial and industrial groups have arisen in Russia as one of the elements of structural reorganization of industry in the course of economic reforms. They serve the purpose of consolidating industrial and economic potential of the interdependent industrial, commercial and financial enterprises with different forms of property. At present a process of integration of financial and industrial capital is going on in the network of financial and industrial groups. It will lead in the near future to the establishment of major concerns and holding companies based on these groups.

    Financial and industrial groups act on the grounds of the law of the Russian Federation "About financial and industrial groups". The basis for their setting up is Agreement about establishment of a financial and industrial group concluded by its participants. According to the Russian legislation only enterprises may be participants of a financial and industrial group. Financial and industrial groups are subject to state registration. Financial and industrial group (hereinafter called FPG) "High-speed ships" was established in 1994 (state registration number 012). FPG is a specialized company on designing, construction of high-speed boats and ships on the dynamic principles of maintenance as well as power plants for them.

    FPG "High-speed ships" incorporates state unitary and joint stock industrial enterprises, research institutes and design bureaus, which provide the complete cycle of designing and manufacturing of high-speed ships, as well as banks and investment companies.

    The development of high-speed shipbuilding began in Russia after the World War II. In the period of time from 1950 till 2000 more than 1500 ships on the dynamic principles of maintenance (including the largest ships in the world), 6500 boats and a great number of high-speed displacement battleship ships and boats were built by the shipbuilding enterprises of Russia. More than 210 hydrofoil crafts and 836 boats among them have been supplied to 15 countries of the world.

    You will find detailed information about our enterprises and their production on the pages of our site.

    The managing "Central company of the financial and industrial group "High-speed ships" accomplishes practical activities on the marketing of the foreign market on behalf of FPG. It has been established in compliance with the Law about FPG in the form of a public corporation. All the participants of FPG are stockholders of the company.

    FPG offers potential customers the following types of production and services:

    - passenger hydrofoil ships, passenger air cavity and air cushion ships;

    - patrol hydrofoil, air cavity and air cushion boats;

    - high-speed diesels up to 7400 kW for high-speed ships;

    - designing of above-mentioned ships according to the technical conditions of a customer;

    - modernization of high-speed ships;

    - designing of shipyards for the building of high-speed ships;

    - construction of high-speed ships by the Russian projects at shipyards of a customer;

    - parts delivery for the Russian naval materiel.

    The policy of the company aims at market expansion of the production of enterprises. For this purpose the company has started to set up its network of foreign representative offices. The main goals of the representative offices will be the following:

    - marketing of naval materiel and services

    - intermediate and post-guarantee maintenance of the Russian naval materiel

    - joint activities on the production of naval materiel.

    During the establishment of representative network, the company will proceed along the path of signing agreements with the concerned foreign companies. Preference will be given to those of them, which are specialized in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair. All the interested companies can address themselves to the central office with a cooperation offer.