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  Companies of FIG "High-speed ships"

   SJC «Alexeev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau»
   Beginning from 1941, the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau has been actively working on development of high-speed craft and various purpose ships...

   JSC «Redan»
   The oldest enterprise in area of boat shipbuilding JSC "Redan" is located in picturesque place of St.-Petersburg, where Large Nevka runs into the Finnish gulf...

   JSC «Central Design Bureau Neptune»
   The Central Design Bureau "Neptune" was set up in 1947 to design and build small tonnage vessels. In January 1992 the enterprise was transformed into a close Joint Stock Company «Central Design Bureau Neptune»...

   JSC «Zvezda»
   The «Zvezda» works was started in Leningrad in 1932 as a public company producing manufacturing goods for the public needs...