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SJC «Alexeev CHDB»
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  SJC «Alexeev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau»

   Beginning from 1941, the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau has been actively working on development of high-speed craft and various purpose ships.
The hydrofoil passenger craft designs have provided a substantial increase in passenger transportation speed.
Alongside with the development of civil purpose ships, the CHDB is busy with the designing of high-speed craft for Russian Navy and Coast Guard.
Many hydrofoil boats and air-cavity boats are designed and built for their needs.
As a result of intensive activities on development of worthwhile transportation means having non-traditional motion concepts, some technical solutions being ahead of the best world standards of high-speed shipbuilding, are perfected.
The «Orlyonok» transport landing ekranoplan and the «Lun» missile-launching ekranoplan are developed for the Russian Navy.
Presently, the «Spasatel» ekranoplan is at the construction stage.The built ekranoplans have no counterparts in the worldwide practice.
Basing on the experience gained during the ekranoplan development, the CHDB has designed the new in principle high-speed ships, i.e. transport amphibious platforms.
Each of the developed high-speed ships and boats can boast for its high reliability.
Suffice it to say that the «Meteor» hydrofoils are being built without any structural change and are in good demand for ab. 40 years.
The «Comet» sea-going hydrofoils (namely their hulls and foils) are in service at the Mediterranean for 25 years and even more than that.
The basic guidelines for of the ships and boats developed by our Design Bureau (of course, in cooperation with shipyards) are increase in speed and seaworthiness.